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Carpet Cleaning Victorville, CA

Let Home Pride Chem-Dry of Victorville, CA restore your carpets back to looking like new. Things such as pet urine, odor, stains, and everyday wear and tear can really do a number on your carpets. We take pride in the fact that our expert technicians are trained to be able to remove stains that typical steam cleaners can even begin to remove. The secret to our success is an innovative approach that is only found with Chem-Dry. We use The Natural®, a carpet cleaning mixture that has powerful cleaning techniques through the power of carbonation. The Natural is non-toxic and ideal for homes with kids and pets, and recently received the Green Certification. Much like you might clean a stain with club soda, our Hot Carbonation Solution has millions of tiny effervescent bubbles that blast dirt, grime, and stains from deep down in the fibers to be lifted to the surface and whisked away by our powerful equipment.

The best thing about going with Home Pride Chem-Dry is that our Green Certified Method only uses a fifth of the water and none of the harsh soaps or chemicals. This means that your carpets will dry in just 1-2 hours, instead of the 1-2 days that typical steam cleaning can take. Our quicker dry time not only means you can get back to life quicker, but it prevents mold, mildew, and other Bactria's that a longer dry time can cause.

Although our methods and products include only the most gentle ingredients found in mother nature, it is a powerful cleaning solution that is tough enough to remove the deepest stains and restore the dirtiest carpets back to looking like new. We can give your home or business the deeper clean that's also green. Making Home Pride Chem-Dry the drier, cleaner, healthier choice in Victorville, CA.

Our deep cleaning and healthy carpet cleaning service is sure to exceed your expectations. Serving Apple Valley, Hesperia, Adelanto, and Barstow, CA among many other areas

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